Organizing Songs and Singing at The Top

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been working on getting my songs organized and creating song lists for doing shows. Made some promotional fliers and signs for my mailings.

Last night I went out to The Top and sang with Jerry. It was his birthday! Hope he had a good one. Ran through “This Masquerade” with him, might try it next time. Got a request for “Valentine” Martina McBride. I’m familiar with the song but not enough to do it last night, so I will be practicing that one.

Made a new friend, Jake D’Anieri. He sang a song last night with Jerry and played and sang two Sinatra type songs he wrote. I really liked them.

Tonight I’m going to the Top to meet Sonia. I’ve heard so much about her.

Last Thursday I sang at the 94th. Rick’s band will be playing tonight at the Italian Festival 8-11 pm.

Somehow I have to get a demo CD made or get a good recording to put on my website. I think if I could do that, things would really start happening.

Thanks for all of the support!

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