Recorded Five More Songs

Hi Everyone,

Saturday night I recorded 5 more songs at karaoke.

I Honestly Love You
My Man
Johnny Angel

Sometimes when I’m at karaoke I can’t decide what I want to sing, so I’ll walk around the bar and ask people what they would like to hear. Sometime’s people approach me and ask if I can do something. “All That Jazz” seems to be my biggest hit. lol Many people want me to sing country. I think it really depends on what they listen to. Sometimes I know the songs, sometimes I’m familiar with them but not real sure if I know them and try them anyway. I call it Karaoke Roulette. lol

I hope you enjoy the songs I have posted. I’ll try to keep recording them.

Come out and see me, say hi, and enjoy a night of fun, laughter and great friends.


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