Creekside at The Village

Hi Everyone,

I sang at Creekside @ the Village today. It was a lot of fun. Chuck Gillespie and Tim Childress came out to support me. Which was very sweet, it’s nice to have friends like that.

I started my show with “Crazy” and “1-2-3” by Gloria Estefan and then I told them about how sometimes in life you happen to be at the right place at the right time and how I auditioned for the 94th and met Angelo and then got to open for him. I sang 4 of the 6 songs I sang at Stambaugh and then told them a little about my karaoke experience and did some of the special requests I get… like “Only You” and “Blue”, and my first karaoke song ever, “Nobody”.

I did a few songs I thought they might know and my favorites… “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” and “Blue Bayou.” Before ending my show I told them I was scheduled to come back in May and asked them to give me some requests that I could do for them when I return. I finished with “My Man”. I didn’t get many specific requests, but I got some very sweet comments, and I made a lady cry when I sang “I Will Always Love You”. I’m not sure why that happens, I don’t want to make people cry.

Looking forward to my next performances, hope I see you there.


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