New Scheduled Performances and New (Better) Recordings Coming Soon

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile, I have been out of town with family.

I’ve been getting a pretty good response with my mailings. I have had to turn down several singing opportunities because of my teaching schedule, but as you can see I have scheduled some new performances.

My current show is a compilation of several artists and genres, to showcase my versatility. I’m currently working on putting together a Patsy Cline Tribute and possibly some other specialty performances.

I’m back into going out and singing karaoke, when I can, and doing some of the new songs I’ve been learning. I’m also trying to record some more songs. A friend has offered to help me record some songs- louder, better quality. Of course finding time we are both available is difficult.

Thank you for all your support and suggestions. It’s nice to know so many want to see me succeed.


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