Success at Danbury

Hi Everyone,

Well, my performance at Danbury in Dublin was a success. I had about 15 audience members and they all liked me. They even asked me to stay and chat for a little about myself after I finished. They were so friendly and smiled and sang along.

Many of the Senior Living performances are small audiences of 25 or less. It’s nice. I get to make eye contact with most of the people in the audience. I do my best to make everyone feel like I am singing to them.

I’m starting to book for next year. I have several Mondays and Fridays available. I teach dance Tues, Wed and Thursdays so those dates are very limited, contact me for the available dates.

I’m going to stop in somewhere tomorrow and see about booking a public performance. I’ll let you know where and when.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Miss Nicole Johnson

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