Last Night I Tried “New York, New York”

Last night I tried “New York, New York”. I did ok, probably would do better if it was recorded in my key. I also did, “You May Be Right” Billy Joel.

So often at Karaoke I do my best songs, but sometimes I just want to have fun. So, last night I stepped out of my comfort zone. I get so many requests for guy songs, I’m not sure why. And people will request me to sing rock or alternative, it’s as if they think I know every genre of music and can sing anything. If that is the case, I’m very flattered. But by doing those kinds of songs I’m not showcasing my talent and range.

I don’t know what genre I really fall into. I like doing the Streisand’s that challenge me and the show tunes where I get to flirt and act and play. I don’t want to be sleazy and wear skimpy clothes. I want to be respected and be known for my talent. I’d like to appeal to all ages and for people to enjoy my performances regardless of what genre they prefer.

Often times singers/bands are cover bands, Journey, Sinatra, Beatles, they are impersonators, Patsy Cline, Streisand, etc. I don’t want my fame to be off of someone else’s talent/fame. I want to be recognized for my own talent. I don’t want to sound like Christina Aguilera. I want to be known for having a Doris Day clear voice with the range, inflection and power of Barbra Streisand and the talent of a Broadway Starlett.

No, I don’t play an instrument, and although I have some ideas for some songs, I don’t write my own music. I want the chance to perform to show the world what I can do, and I want someone to believe in me.

Miss Nicole Johnson

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