Successful Youngstown Shows

Hi Everyone,

My shows in Youngstown were very successful, all 4 places want to reschedule me for next year. I had a lot of fun. My friend, Jennifer, went with me and she took some pictures of a few of my shows, so I may have some new pictures to post soon.

I have created a few more shows. I sang in Mt. Vernon on July 4th, so I sang a few patriotic songs. And I created a second show with a mixture of various decades to sing songs that are not in my opening show. I currently know over 3 hrs of music.

I’m always looking for song suggestions, so write me (PO Box 355, Brice Ohio 43109) or ( e-mail your suggestions. Maybe your parents had a favorite song, or you and your loved one have a favorite song. Right now I’m trying to get ready for my performances on Aug 4th and 5th, but you can send them anytime.

I have received pre-orders for my CD coming out this fall, so get your order in. I’m meeting with Rick next week to put on the finishing touches and then they go to print and copy. It’s very exciting. I’ve even given thought to a second album with live accompaniment. I may have to start a GoFundME page for that.

For those of you that are following me on Facebook, my website, or my Youtube channel, thank you so much for your support.


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