Big Audiences and CD Sales

Hi Everyone,

Last Thursday I sang for Willowbrook in Delaware. I had an audience of about 60 or more.
Saturday I sang, with Jeff Hersey on the keyboard, at Brookdale Muirfield we had an audience of about 20.

My CD sales are doing well. I went to the VFW in Whitehall last Friday for a little karaoke and sold one there. I haven’t been promoting my CD much. I mention it on Facebook and have it out on a table during my shows, but I don’t promote it much. If you would like to purchase one, you can order it on my website.

I’ve been booking shows for 2018. 2017 had/has 45 bookings and 6 shows with Jeff. I’m hoping to double that next year. I’d like to sing at some Festivals or Fairs.

I’m trying to get some public shows so I can be heard by a larger audience. I sing many songs from different eras and I sing the songs of many artists so it would be nice to have a wider fan base.

Thank you for following me and reading my blog.


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