Keep the Suggestions Coming

I just wanted to let you know that there are some things in the works. I don’t want to give out any details because nothing is written in stone, but as soon as I know, I’ll let you know.

I think it’s very sweet of all the song suggestions that I am getting. Everyone seems to have their opinion of what “the public” wants. I think it depends on who you’re talking to and where you’re singing. I seem to get requests for every genre and artist out there and it makes it hard to pin point which songs I should concentrate on. I am flattered that so many people think I’m capable of singing just about anything, because my versatility is really what I want to be known for. I don’t want to be a country singer or a pop singer or lounge singer, I would like my singing to reach everyone out there, because sometimes people don’t realize they like a certain type of music until they hear someone they like sing it.

I’m new to the music industry. Selling tickets for a show may be a lot different than entertaining a crowd in a bar at karaoke. I know for myself, there are a lot of songs I wouldn’t hear if it wasn’t for going to karaoke.

People ask me, “What is your style or who do you sing?” I never really know how to answer that. I do what I like. I hope you like it, too.

Keep sending in the requests.


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