Something Funny Happened to Me at O’Toole’s

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share something funny that happened Sunday night.

I went to O’Toole’s for karaoke. A friend invited me and thought I would try a new place. So I sang my first song and when I came off the “stage” a guy put out his arms to hug me. I had seen him from another karaoke place so I thought I knew him. But after we hugged, he said something about I was confused and didn’t understand his comment. Then later, a guy comes up to me and says he thought I was the best singer that night but he said “that’s just a compliment, nothing else.” I thought that was a strange thing to say to someone. Turns out, the bar was a having a Singles Mixer that night! LOL

Just for the record… Guys, if you come out to hear me sing, don’t expect a hug, LOL and if you give me a compliment, that’s what I’ll assume it is… I can take a compliment without it having to be you hitting on me. And just for some advice, if you are at a mixer for a dating site, just be yourself, not everyone is in the bar for that purpose. 🙂

Thanks for a good chuckle.


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