More Songs Recorded

Hi Everyone,

A couple of nights ago at the Scotch, I finally got some songs recorded. Santa Baby, Cry Me a River, I Won’t Say I’m in Love. Hope you enjoy them.

Santa Baby
Cry Me a River
I Won’t Say I’m in Love

I meet a lot of nice people at Karaoke. Tonight I met a guy who sang by the name of Roadhouse Bill. He was so sweet he had me come up on stage, sit in a chair and he sang an Elvis song to me. “Young and Beautiful.” Later he sang “The Way You Look Tonight” and said it was for me.

Another gentleman said I should be in New York or Nashville and what was I doing at karaoke in Gahanna? I think it’s very sweet the things people say, it’s nice to know so many people think so much of my singing. I’m glad it makes them happy.

Anyway, thanks everyone for making tonight so special, my new friends and the regular crowd at the Scotch.


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