Friday was a Crazy Day

Hi Everyone,

Friday was a crazy day. Life can be so full of wonderful surprises.

I got two e-mails for perspective work and when I was singing at the Top someone asked about possibly hiring me for New Years Eve. I was also approached by someone else singing at the Scotch if I could be hired to sing for private parties. I could be branching out. 🙂

What seemed to be the most surprising thing Friday night was while at the Scotch doing karaoke the cast from Les Mis came in! What are the odds of that? The Scotch is a little bar behind a mall, if you don’t know about it or someone tell you where it is, you wouldn’t really know it was there. It’s a fun place to go, feels like a Cheers- everyone knows your name. You never know how busy it will be or who will come in.

Thanks for all the e-mails, compliments, encouragement and support.


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