Angelo’s Dinner Show

Hi Everyone,

On Wednesday, Angelo called me and asked me to join him at a Dinner Show he was doing in Cleveland. So, Friday night, I drove to Little Italy in Cleveland to Angelo’s Nido Italia and sang three songs: Paper Moon, Cry Me a River and Orange Colored Sky. Rick Brunetto was playing drums. The band was the John Reese Project out of Youngstown.

Angelo gave me a big intro. He said I was an upcoming star in Columbus…. isn’t he sweet! I sang my first song and thought the audience hated me. Sometimes the whole audience will look at you with no expression, but when you finish they applaud like crazy. So, I sang my second song. Same thing. When I got done with Orange Colored Sky, the audience really made noise and applauded. Afterward, I got many compliments and encouraging words about pursuing my career.

We had some difficulties with the music (I was singing with a six piece and have been singing with a 17 piece, and every band sets their sound different, I almost didn’t have sheet music for the band and I didn’t get any rehearsal time at all with the band), so part of my perspective of my performance and how the audience received me is all in my head.

In the end it was a great show! The audience loved us. One woman asked where we were playing New Years Eve. I didn’t know what to tell her… we aren’t a normal band that plays together. I told her Rick was playing at the 94th in Columbus.

Angelo is coming down this Thursday to the 94th to sing and I’m going to get to sing a few songs, too. Maybe I’ll see you there 7:30-10:30… bring your dancing shoes.

Have a great Christmas!


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