Some New Songs

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been busy with the teaching side and really haven’t sang much.

Thursday night (Feb. 6, see below) I sang the six songs I’ll be singing this coming Friday for Angelo’s show. I did get them recorded on my little camera. I Will Always Love you got cut off so I won’t be posting that one. I’ve been trying on my dresses and trying to figure out which one I want to wear. I can’t believe it’s this coming Friday.

I also recorded a few songs the night I sang with Back Porch Swing band at Natalie’s (Jan. 29, see below) and we’ll post those, too. Singing with a live band is so different from singing karaoke, and it is really hard when you don’t get any rehearsal. Every band has there own way of playing the songs…. tempo, key, different instruments… and being under the weather doesn’t help.

I hope you enjoy the tracks.

The weather has been miserable, I hope you choose safety first, but if you venture out, I hope I see you and you say “Hi”.


Jan. 29th

I Wanna Be Bad
It’s Only a Paper Moon
Pennies from Heaven
Route 66
Walkin’ After Midnight


Feb. 6th

It’s Only a Paper Moon
Orange Colored Sky

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